Serena Whelan having Ovarian Cancer.

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“I was diagnosed with an aggressive type of ovarian cancer on March 29th, 2017. The cancer had spread to the bowel and to the peritoneal lining of the other organs in my abdomen. On April 12th, 2017 I had major surgery to remove the uterus, ovaries, peritoneal lining, omentum and a bowel resection. I began drinking Kangen Water just over a week after the surgery, when a friend faithfully dropped 5-litre drums over to us every second day for months on end!

When I went back for my six-week check-up, the surgeon was thrilled at how well the scar had healed, how well I was feeling, and how I looked! I was given the all clear to start my chemo. So just six weeks after the surgery, I started chemo. My Professor initially scheduled me for six sessions, each one three weeks apart. He had advised me not to get too excited planning the dates of the last sessions as they would most likely end up having to postpone treatments due to the likelihood of me getting infections, low cell counts from the chemo, etc. They also advised me I would likely be getting an injection every three weeks to stimulate the bone marrow as this type of chemo can suppress bone marrow leading to dangerously low cell counts.

I’m delighted to say that none of that happened. I had chemo every three weeks as planned and I never needed the bone marrow injection. The oncologist was so happy with me that he even decided to give me two extra sessions at the end, “seeing as you had tolerated it so well!” So I had eight sessions of fairly aggressive chemo and thank God, it seems to have worked! I continue to drink Kangen water every day and we now have the unit installed in our home. If I go away for a few days and don’t bring a supply with me, I will know by Day 2. Having had the bowel resection, I would have a lot of problems with cramping, bloating, etc. The days I get my 1.5 to 2 litres of Kangen water into me, I really do feel the benefit of it. There are rarely any “issues”!

I wash all my fruit and veg in it. And even they taste different. I cook with it, I make tea with it. I use it for everything in the kitchen! My skin is glowing now. My hair has started to grow back really thick and strong. My energy levels are beginning to return. I think I have amazed not just the medical team, but friends and family as well at how well I’m recovering from all this. It’s not even a full year yet since all this began! I work as a GP and so I would often be skeptical about all the “health advice” that people offer when you get hit with any type of devastating diagnosis. I’m not saying that the Kangen cured me – but what I am saying it that while I went through gruelling surgeries and chemotherapy, the Kangen was one of the few things that made me feel better on that journey. On the nauseated days, it was all I could get passed my lips. But I’m here now to tell the tale. And I wouldn’t part with my Kangen machine for all the tea in China – and I love tea!

PS the tea tastes better when made with Kangen water too! “

A STORY ABOUT A SON WHO SAVED HIS MOTHERS LIFE! As many of you may know my mother was Diagnosed w/ Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn's Disease and Diverticulitis all within the past 11 years...
Asthma Testimonials l Using Kangen water with Enagic by Wes Simmons (281) 356-0464 or visit Wes Simmons-- 281-356-0464 ***On the Weekends I am with Family therefore If I dont get back to you quickly I apologize!!! Thanks for understanding!

Bill's Story


I was a major skeptic when it came to H2.I am a retired strength and conditioning coach for over 35 years, my wife basically forced me to do H2.

I had chronic arthritis in both shoulder so bad that I could only sleep on my back, my wife used to wake me up because I was moaning because of the pain. They eventually locked up on me, had to stop training and surfing.

I tried other sports, didn't realize how much you do use your shoulders, all because of my past profession. The only thing I did was started to drink the water that had the H2 in it, she made drink about 1 gal per day, nothing else just water, I had to make my coffee with this water, just in a few days I started to feel a different, actually started sleeping all night with much pain.

Even then I still was not going to say it was the H2 in the water. After about a week the issue were getting less,. In 3 weeks I started back in the gym. It wasn't overnight but there was something going on.

At this point is when I started do do my own research not only on myself put on hundreds of research site, and of course following what Tyler is doing on his research. I don't care who you are or how many PHDS you have or how many years you have in medical field, don't ever tell me H2 was not therapeutic for me: I will blow you right out of the water. It's now been 7 years. I am 66 years old, taken no supplements, eating clean drinking about 1.5 gal of H2 per day. I work out 6 days per week and H2 is my only recovery drink. This is where I am now, with no issues with my shoulders and no surgery, does it look like my shoulders are underdeveloped?