Bruno Cirillo
My focus is on building a community to support one another and spread the word that there’s always opportunity to create a happier, healthier and more sustainable life. 

— Bruno Cirillo

Bruno Cirillo,  a lifestyle mentor dedicated to helping clients live their best life.

A seeker just like you in wanting a healthier and better lifestyle.  I’m on a mission to inspire and educate you to discover your own personal best through living a pure, healthy and balanced life. This could be through simple changes like introducing you to the healthiest water around or helping you to find your way on a grander scale in creating your own, fulfilled healthy lifestyle.

 My philosophy of health is that amongst the crazy, busy lifestyles we lead, for work or play, we forget that the simple things in life (like drinking water) will energize us more than having that second or third cup of coffee. Our own personal experiences help shape who we are today, including our belief systems which has led me to where I am today as a lifestyle mentor. 

Everyone has a story. Let me tell you mine.

At some stage. my life went in the wrong direction, but I refused to take notice and control of the threats it posed on the happiness of my life.  I kept soldiering on despite the hardships of losing my brother when he was 6 and I was only 4 years old, being bullied my entire school career due to my weight topped off with having a rare heart condition that could lead me to my death.

I felt beaten and my self-limiting beliefs suppressed my self-expression and enhanced my poor body image despite a soft whisper inside me trying to tell me my life’s purpose. Being diagnosed  15 years ago  with Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, (for the non-medical amongst us -an extra electrical pathway between the heart's upper and lower chambers which causes a rapid heartbeat) sounded my alarm bells because I couldn’t push through the stress, hide it or escape it any longer. My thoughts plagued my day to day existence my mind, my energy and even my relationship., 

My life started to turn around during one of my trips to the Sunshine Coast when I would always call into one of my favourite cafés called Ground Organics Café in Buderim which is where I met Jess Ainscough. She was a beacon of light who inspired many, including myself, to take responsibility for their health and wellness, live authentically  and follow their dreams.   A big influencer in my life, Jess was the one who inspired me to follow my path into my health and wellness journey. Her subsequent parting is a constant reminder to live every day with intention and not squander or take our time here on Earth for granted. For that, I am forever grateful. I knew then, that if I was going to change my life around, only I would be responsible for my own wellness journey and set to change my life around. One of my first steps, with the help of my naturopath was to embracing the whole concept of food and nutrition learning more about healthy eating and what fuelled my body. This was the start of my journey to review my life holistically in fully after seeing the fantastic results just from healthy eating. 

As my energy and enthusiasm grew, I started doing 30 min walks daily and meditating at the local Bikram Yoga studio, leading to me eventually completing50 – 60 km walks. Holy crap I sweated heaps,  and felt amazing seeing all the toxins ooze out! 

I left my place of work, realising I no longer felt passionate about it anymore and moved into health and wellness, started promoting whole food products, opened a hot yoga studio and started sponsoring the Australian Yoga Asana Championship in each state.  Finally, I made peace with myself, my body and my life.

 Now the next stage! That’s where you come in! That soft whisper inside me at the very start of my journey started to materialise into a tangible vision and realisation that I deserved more in life than I’d been seeking. My purpose is to help others restore their lives, however big or small the changes and facilitate them to shape their own life and take real actions to change.